Located in Meriden, CT


Hello and welcome to Siberian Wonder Cattery!  We are a small cattery in Meriden, CT. We love our cats very much and are blessed to have them as part of our family.  They are loved and handled daily. They are not only frequently around people but our small dog as well.    

This is our journey to the Siberian breed. I have always wanted to own a cat but never thought it possible because my husband and girls were allergic – so I never entertained the idea. We had four hair dogs (we only have 1 now) because of this situation. In 2018, I was searching the internet regarding cats and stumbled across the Siberian breed and how they are 90% allergy-free and I fell in love with not only their looks but also their dog-like, affectionate nature.  

Well, a year later we decided to adopt two cats with grand international bloodlines from Russia and FINALLY welcomed Hadassah and Micah into our home on August 8, 2019 with no allergic effects! What a blessing they are to our family. Let me just say - it was definitely worth the wait! We love them so much! They bring us so much joy. Micah is so brave, gentle and loving – even when he gets ambushed by our dogs – he’s just calm and cool and lets them do whatever. He never once scratched or hissed at them! Now the dogs don’t even care when Micah comes into the room. My sweet girl Hadassah is so beautiful. I call her my "Beauty Queen."  Her eyes and coat are stunning! We have a routine – every morning when I go upstairs she meows and follows me to the couch. I put my legs up and she sits on my lap to be brushed. She loves it and I love it too!!!  In January of 2021 we welcomed our precious, sweet Gracie into our family!  She also came from Russia and has grand international bloodline in her family line.  She is such a blessing to our family - she has a very unique personality.  She is beautiful, gentle, affectionate and loving - we just adore her!!!   

The Siberian breed is truly unique.  What I researched on the internet about this breed's personality traits, I found to be true.  They are very social, affectionate, playful and loving.  They love to follow you around the house and greet you when you come home.  And the endless smiles they produce with their unique and surprising sleeping positions and curious hunting and playing activities never ceases to amaze me.  Now that we are breeders of this unique, special, loving, affectionate breed we consider it a blessing to raise confident, strong, friendly, affectionate, playful kittens to be able to bring that same love, joy and smiles to someone else's life!  May you feel very comfortable to email us with any of your questions.  

One last comment - My husband (who at one point – didn’t want ANY animals) calls these cats the upgrade to our dogs!!!  LOL!